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Sho fat my ass!!

I'm irritated and confused by some fans. Honestly!

The main reason I'm in this state is due to comments such as "Sakurai Sho is too chubby" or "too fat nowadays". WHAT THE HELL?!

Am I blind or is it that some people's picture of human body is wrecked? Since honestly, Sho is in no way fat! Not even for celebrity! Besides he has lost quite a lot of his body size recently.

I just wonder how skinny people need to be in order to stay in favor for majority of people?! Or is it that fans don't understand that Sho is already 29 years old which means his body automatically changes when he ages?

Here's a piece of information. It is not natural for a man over 30 to be as skinny and have the same body as he did in his teens and early twenties. Human's body changes along years and men very often gather mass when becoming older. This mass is not necessarily only fat but masculine (muscle and necessary fat) mass which is due to shaping of one's body. I see Sho becoming more and more masculine and not simply gaining weight.

I feel a bit offended for him. Comments like "he should start dieting" and such are really a bit unnecessary. I personally want to see him healthy and having color on his cheeks rather than watch a pale and skeleton-like idol walking around the stage. He also has muscles and being muscular is NOT the same as being "too big"!

I kinda hope this ridiculous thinking of "people are pretty only when sickeningly skinny" will end soon. Of course, I don't encourage people not to loose weight or not to keep their body fit, not at all! It is good to be in shape but there should be limits for all. People can be pretty even though chubby, Oprah is a living proof of that!

And honestly! Sakurai Sho is very sexy the way he is now! Too fat my ass!!!!

I don't know why I got this upset but I did. I don't like people telling others how they should look or what they should do to look better. This includes celebrities. They are people too and have feelings. Why would they have to look like gods or goddesses even though they are only humans themselves?! I don't get it. Maybe I don't even want to get it.

Just a piece of my irritated mind. Don't get offended.

Study methods?

I was supposed to read to the exam but what do you know? I read all kinds of other stuff but not my materials. Upsie? Well, I did read maybe the most important points but that's pretty much it =P Even though the topic is quite interesting and definitely important in working life I just couldn't bring myself to read.

I have serious problems with concentration recently.

I usually can concentrate for about 10 minutes at the time and then I need a break to do something entirely else for some while until I can resume the reading or whatever it is I am doing. (This is true for everything else but drawing, painting or writing!!! When I do those stuff I get into flow feeling and material things like hunger, cold or even time don't matter. I don't even notice them. OH GOODNESS HOW I MISS PAINTING!!! ) But yeah. Back to business.

The truth is. I CAN'T CONCENTRATE ANYMORE!!! I freaking can do one thing for six (SIX!!!) minutes until my eyes avert from the text I'm reading to something entirely else. And this, is exactly what happened today. So what did I do then? I drew nice maps and pictures of "international trade and contracts"  ("-.-)Y

Nice. This only proves that I'm still a complete kid inside who can only think by visualizing things. My friends laughed at me when I told about this =D They say they should try it too =D But in the end, I think my way of learning might be one of the most effective ones =D Because seriously, factoring in financing became a lot clearer to me when I drew a nice picture of the whole process in my brain =D

How do normal people learn things? Do people learn by just reading, or underlining? Or are there others like me who need to visualize most things before they actually learn them? It would be interesting to know ^^


Test :)



I passed my management accounting exam after all and I don't need to retake it! And I even got a nice grade! I'm super duper happy!

Means that I have a real vacation and I don't have to read during my three week long holiday <3 I can just laze around <3

(well not really, I'm going back to mums and that knows household work and... I don't even wanna think what she'll make me do before Christmas eve. I'll probably be cleaning the whole house with a toothbrush so that every place is nice and shining when Santa comes.)

Money Hello Goodbye!

 Ah, I only realized today I actually got tax returns! What a bliss! Extra money is always welcome! 

This day is so nice! First I realized I got extra money and then I saw the note of Arashi DVD pre-orders being available. So it turned out I had money but no more XD Aiba was so right when he sang Hello Goodbye! XD It totally happened with my money today XD

But Arashi is well worth it, right? I don't even regret my money loss XD Now I'm just becoming impatient and want January to come faster so I can get my hands on the DVD!!! <3

*huge flail attack* (<- Thank God I live alone XD)

Winter <3

 It´s winter, it´s cold and there´s snow! <3
I´m truly I a child of winter season, I love winter. 
There is only one thing I don´t like about winter though. And it´s the darkness. Today, when I left to school at 7.45 AM it was still dark, the sun hadn´t risen yet. And when I came back home at 4.30 PM it was already dark again. So. Basically I was at school when it was light and sunny outside and when the school´s over, so is the sunlight... And they wonder why Finns appear as gloomy people...

I also love snow but sometimes it´s a little inconvenient... Right now here where I live there´s 5-10 cm of snow. I love walking on a snowy road (and my dog definitely likes it too!) but riding a bike on snow isn´t that nice. It takes some effort to get forward =D Especially this morning when there had been snowing during the night and all the roads weren´t snowploughed yet. SO instead of ten minutes biking to school, it took me 17 minutes to get there =D (and needless to say I was late =P) All I could do was to say "blame the snow" =D 

And today I really realized some people have never experienced the coldness of this level we have now. Today it was 12 Celsius degrees below zero, which to me is quite cold, but not that cold. But some of our exchange and other foreign students were saying that they freeze and that it´s a torture to be in this cold. It was... funny in a way. Most of the Finns in the class just shrugged and said "it´s winter. It´s a given that it´s cold." (^^)b NICE! 

I´m actually truly a little bit worried for our foreign students since it has been forecast that the winter will be exceptionally cold. Usually we reach some 15-25 Celsius degrees below zero on a normal winter but if it´s going to even colder I´m worried how will the foreign students survive? We have people from South Africa and Vietnam etc. who have never seem snow before....

But still, even though it´s cold and dark and biking is rather challenging I still love winter <3 I probably always will =D (No I am not nuts just... well maybe little bit nuts? =P) 


It´s snowing!

 Yay! It´s snowing outside! It the first snow of the winter <3

I love it when it snows. Everybody around me seems to dislike the snow and the cold winters but I´m totally okay with it <3 I love winter! 

Last winter was so pretty, with all that snow~  I hope this year will be just as beautiful as the previous year <3 I´m all excited about this =D Haha! 

Since it´s cold outside I´ll go warm up a cup of hot chocolate and bake PULLA! =D

Exciting day :P

 Today, something really strange happened.

I was in the middle of my class Communication Skills. We were supposed to choose a topic in pairs and then make a 8-12 minutes demonstration speech. We had a topic list in front of us and me and my partner were checking the topics. Suddenly my partner took my sleeve and pointed one of the topics: How to greet Japanese people. I got excited and after small discussion we ended up taking the topic. We planned a little and wrote down issues. So everything was completely normal. Right?

Until we told the topic to our teacher. We had to inform both teacher and the whole class about our topics so there won´t be two or more pairs doing the same speech. When I said that we have How to greet Japanese people as our topic the teacher smiled. 

And then it happened. My American teacher asked us in Japanese whether we speak Japanese or not. My partner is a Swiss and she can´t speak or understand a word of Japanese. But I do. A little bit. I answered in Japanese that I do speak a little bit of Japanese and that´s where it began. Me and my teacher spoke Japanese in the middle of the class and suddenly the whole class room fell silent. Everyone was listening to us speaking. 

I have to say I´m actually proud of myself that I was able to speak Japanese and also, the teacher promised me that he will give me a recommendation letter when I apply to exchange in Japan. <3 Lucky me! =D

I went to eat Japanese today :)

 So I decided that today I go and try out how the "real" curry tastes like. I had a short (but incredibly boring) school day so I thought today would be perfect day to go.

Usually I don´t have much free time due to my homeworks and team projects... Anyways! When I entered the restaurant I was really nervous, since the place looked really neat and kind of like those places where all-high-and-mighty business men go and dine. The place was completely empty when I went there though. 

There was a young (super cute!) Japanese girl (or at least some Asian heritage) as waitress. I ordered pig curry and waited for a few minutes. I really liked the place. They were playing Japanese pop music (no Arashi though... only some female, maybe little "old fashioned" pop?) and the decoration was awesome! I liked the place, did I mention it already? 

While I was waiting for my curry, suddenly people started marching in... In less than ten minutes there were about 8 people including me! The place seemed to be quite popular! And no wonder.

When I got my curry and started eating I regretted that I went alone. I couldn´t squeal aloud how good the curry was! It was really good! I left a note where I wrote (in hiragana and katakana, cause I still can´t figure out kanji "-.- ) "curry was really good, thank you!" .  

This extremely positive experience made me feel so good and motivated! Now I´m definitely studying super hard so I can go to Japan next fall or spring 2012 <3

Btw, can anyone recommend me a university or college in Japan which offers International Business (undergraduate) studies in English? Any recommendations are welcome =D